Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reina and her alphabets

After making Rayden and Caden sleep, me and my dear will try to make Reina sleep. Reina is like an owl, she is always the last to sleep and will always want to watch TV before she go to bed.

Just now while in bed, I was talking to Reina. And I was surprise that she knows the phonics of A-Z. Thanks to Leapfrong Phonics DVD. She really learn it from there. And while telling me the phonics, she still show me the action of the alphabets in the cartoon. Who says TV is no good for kids?!!

Then she start to tell me A for Apple, B for books.... K for King....... When comes to O, she paused.
Daddy: O stands for Octopus
Reina: I thought is for Orange??
Daddy: Okay, it can be orange also...
Mummy: .....

Reina: P for (paused)
Daddy: P is for papaya!!!
Reina: Papaya?! papa-ya is you (pointing to her papa)
Daddy: yes. P for papaya.
Mummy turn to daddy: Later she thought you are mu gua! hahaha

Then comes to Q, she paused again.
Daddy: Papa is King, so mummy is a Queen!
Reina: no.... mummy is a Princess!
Daddy: No la.. Mummy is a queen and you are our princess.
Reina: Nooooo Mummy is a princess!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The birth of Rayden 17th Nov 2009

Rayden has made his surprise arrival 17th November night.

Around 3plus in the afternoon, I am still playing Cafe World and my dear is checking the time info of the movie "2012". We intend to get the 10am show in Tampines Mall the next day.

After that, he was hungry and ask me to accompany him to the new coffeeshop for his lunch. I was reluctant to go initially as i prefer to lie there and play games... then suddenly something cross my mind that I might deliver anytime so better play something sinful which i cant eat after my delivery. So I went to have the "wu xiang".

Around 6plus, fetch my gal in school with my dear. Eat dinner at my mum house.
At 8pm, ask my children to go home. Reina told us that she want to stay at popo house. And my boy head to the shoe rack to take his shoes to go home...

Together with my mum, we go downstairs as Reina want to play ball in the open space downstairs. I play for 15 mins with them.

At 8.30pm, I went into the car and my dear is busy stripping Caden on his car seat. We are still arguing on something about the milk and suddenly I told my dear " Ah! my water bag burst!!"

My dear checked on me and " Oh shit! its real!" He thought I am kidding him.... Then he go back to Caden again and bring him back to my daddy. He wanted to drive me to the hospital but i refuse. I insist to go home together with him then to hospital.
9.10pm, I reached MAH. A staff wheeled me to the labour ward and my dear parked his car. Once i reached the ward, the nurses commented that " Wow you are all flooded". hahaha
In the ward, I am striped into the CTG and showing about 3 min contraction and went t0 above 120. And I didnt feel pain at all...
I am pushed to the OT at 10pm. Waiting for Dr Ong to be here.
10.25pm, Doc Ong has arrived.
Dr Ong: So the baby decide to give everyone a surprise eh
Me: I am worried abt his weight
Dr Ong: Okay, we will called a standby doc
While Dr Ong was working on me, Dr Simon Ng arrived in 15 mins. Wow thats fast.
10.50pm: Baby Rayden give me a loud cry
Happy Birthday, dearest!First look, reminds me of Caden
Daddy and RaydenKester and RaydenThe siblings photo- Reina, Caden and Rayden

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My 31st Birthday

Happy 31st Birthday to myself!!!

Celebration with my dear the previous day and with my whole family on the actual day.

With Brother and da shao, sis and Kester, mum and dad and my own famly of 4 or 5???

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week 23

It has been a long, tough and tedious journey of 23 weeks.

This pregnancy is the worst of the 3. Each pregnancy has more and more problems. I guess my body is weak. Just wondering how people can have 10 pregnancies.

Carrying Reina is the best. Smooth sailing all the way to week 40. Even when delivering her doesnt give me much effort.

Then comes to Caden, I have spotting on and off for the 1st trimester. Then week 33, Caden move his head up and I have to end up C section.

and lastly, this little boy of mine, I have bleeding early in my pregnancy and spot all the way to week 14. Then week 19, suddenly having heavy bleeding and ended up in 6 days hospitalisation. Dr Ong give me 60 days Hospitalisation Leave till end of Sept. Although there is no bleeding now, but I can still feel the contraction sometimes. Very often, I am having cramps. It actually worry me becuase I dont want go into labour so early in my pregnancy. Baby is not safe if I deliver him now. I hope that I can drag till at else my week 35. At else I know I am really in my safe zone. But that will be another 12 weeks from now. 12 weeks seems to be so long... how to endure????

I wish I can try VBAC this time. I will be disappointed if I cant have one. Dr Ong told me that this really depends on situation. He can only discuss with me towards the end of my pregnancy. I started to read on articles of VBAC recently since I am at home. Now I know what "situation" that Dr Ong means. In order to have VBAC, baby must be all ready for delivery, he cannot be more than 3kg and definitely no induction. Else there is a chance of uterus rupture. Delivery must start off naturally which means contraction must start off by itself. I read from somewhere that if the waterbag burst without triggering any contraction, then u will need go directly to OT.

I have a feeling that it is another section again. Because I feel that he will not turn down like his gor gor. All along he has been stepping on me. And plus the above, I think is not easy.. need tian shi, di li, ren he... So to have VBAC sound to be a gone case for me. Moverover, I hope to deliver him around mid of November, becuase I want to go to the wedding of my close cousin.

However, there will be an advantage for another cesearian again. Because Dr Ong told me that I can get rid of my irritating keloids from my 1st pregnancy. Well, this stupid keloids is getting bigger and bigger and is so itchy. From my 2nd cesear, he can remove my keloids and flatten it.
But I hate to go through the pain again. I still can remember the nightmare of my 1st 5 days in hospital after my C section. But I can forget about the labour pain when delivering Reina after my confinement. You can see how much I am tramatized by the operation. hahaha...

Whatever it is, I will be happy to accept it as long as I can carry my little boy to week 35.

I have super cramps yesterday that freak me out. I try to rest on bed as much as possible yesterday but it doesnt seems to go off. Imagine, even I am waken up by the cramps during my afternoon nap. It went off in the evening but come back again at night. so irritating. I hope that that is not contraction. Wondering if my gynae got a super pill for me to stop all these cramps. Now I am taking ventolin 3 times a day. It will be another 6 weeks till I go back to work. By then, I will be in my week 30. Hopefully by then, everything will settle down.

I feel sorry for my children because I am unable to bring them go kai kai. They must be dead boring at home. Then my dear husband knocked my head saying that there will be plenty of time after my delivery. hahaha..... But then, how to manage to bring 3 little kids out with only 4 hands??

Lets dun think too much. Now, I just hope i can get rid of my cramps and contraction. 12 weeks to my safe zone.. Jia you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Caden, my cheeky prince

Caden Boy is 15 mths now.

But he still drools alot.. haha... Dr Tan told me that he may drool till 4 to 5 yrs old.. WHAT!!
She told me he will have speech delay because he still cannot control his mouth muscle properly..
I thought Caden will learn to talk even later then his sister who only start to say something in her 18-20 mths.

At Caden's 14 -15th month, he start to say a few words like :
- Apple (his first word)
- Ball ball
- Car
- Star
- bird
- Fish (he say s-s)
- ta ta (means beat beat in Chinese)
- lizard ( he say zi-zard)

yesterday morning, I am woken up by a series of "mama" sound... when I open my eyes, Caden was lying there playing his fingers and mumbling "mama... mama.... mama... mama........" When he sees me open my eyes, he smile at me and say "mama... mama" again... Although I am still half awake, I stretch my hands over, pull him to me and kiss him on his cheek and say " Good morning, darling!" What a way to wake mummy up...

It is a sweet sunday morning!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A brief update

I had my 16 weeks scan a 2 weeks ago.
And Dr Ong commented: "Aiyo, the bird so big! Confirm it is a boy!"
So, is a BOY! Mother's instinct is always the opposite.. hee hee..
I have been hooping for a gal because I tot I can really spoil my youngest baby gal... But since, I have already a girl and boy, the preference of the gender is not so strong. As long as he is strong and healthy, I feel blessed. My spotting has finally stopped on my week 14th. So stubborn eh.. And it was like.. finally...

I hope that december will be here soon because I am so tire. This pregnancy is the worst of all. Very very tire, mood swing, headaches, and many more.. Is this due to my age??? I am getting old. I know. I am 31 years old this year. I almost lost track of my age. hahaha..

To think back, for the past 4 years, my body is always in a pregnancy or breastfeeding state. haha.. Is it good or bad?

Lately, I have been so busy with my work, my family, the household chores, etc
With 2 kids already exhausting me. Not to mention with 3 kiddos!

To think of December, I ask myself? Can I cope with it?

The answer is I DUN KNOW. Alot of people telling me that I should get a helper to lighten myself.
I know that without a helper, it may be difficult. I have to jagar my job, the children, the household chores, the meals, etc... Can I really do it?! I try not to think of it. As long as my hb is beside me and support me, helping me along, we should be able to bite our teeth and pull it thru.
As much as I wanted so much to do it myself, I hope that my health condition allows me to.

I am very fortunate to have my parents helping me along the way after Reina is born. My mother is always very supportive and helping me to take care of my kiddos. Reina is now in full day Childcare. When our baby boy is born, Caden will have to go to full day school as well. Reina is always been a very independent gal. I have no worries to send her to full day school. But for Caden, he is always a mummy's boy. Very clingy to me and my mum. Can I really bear to leave him in Full day Childcare? To think of it, my heart is aching. But I dun hv a choice. My mother will not be able to cope with 2 kids at home.

Reina is going 3 years old next month. Wow.. time flies! Still as notti and cheeky. But she is still and will always be my sweety pie.

Mummy loves you both, Reina and Caden!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I feel... a girl...

Mummy feeling like a girl... Hee.... Let's see.

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